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Business owners

Do you have a start-up business, or are you expanding a growing firm? Have you been in business for a while and are considering a retirement plan for the firm? Where do you start? Which plan is right for you? Will an advisor help with sign-ups and meeting with employees? Who will communicate with payroll?  Do you have part-time employees, highly compensated managers or owners or have seasonal revenue and aren't sure if any plan would suit your needs? Do you think retirement plans have to be expensive? If you have an existing plan would like another opinion on service and costs?

Norumbega Financial has answers to these common questions and we are here to help. How? We present well-researched options, meet employees, help guide you in determining the best plan for your needs making your priorities our criteria. For participants we will help measure risk tolerance and help keep the focus on your financial goals.

Businesses know that they have a partner in Norumbega Financial. We answer questions and help solve problems throughout the year.  On-site annual reviews also help in reassessing the investments and plan. Regular follow-up is part of Norumbega Financial's commitment to you. You have enough to worry about. Let us help by doing what we do well.

Getting ready for retirement

Have you shared your hopes and dreams for the future with a financial advisor? Have you shared the vision of what matters most to you with an advisor who can help match your needs to the right investment vehicle for you? Whether you dream is leaving a legacy or a comfortable lifetime income we can help. We care most about what truly matters to you.  Do you have an accountant with whom you are delighted? Or an attorney to guide you in preparing important documents?
At Norumbega Financial these are the kinds of important decisions that we help guide our clients through every day. 

Folks who changed jobs

Whether you have lost a job because you are pursuing your dreams, because of an injury or company downsizing, you may have many questions about your assets. Do you know your investment options and the possible tax implications of those options? What are your goals and your risk tolerance? Who will help you with the paperwork and provide easy to understand information?

Norumbega Financial is here to help you. We have years of experience in solving problems exactly like yours. We will help you take control of your investments, talk with you regularly and use up-to-date objective research to help assist you and monitor your financial progress.

Receiving a windfall: inheritance, settlement, winnings, etc.

Receiving a large sum of money can be exhilarating and confusing. Even if the event is expected it can be overwhelming. There may be many emotions that come from the events that led up to the payment and having a supportive financial advisor, one who may understand behavioral finance and how people make decisions, can be important at this time.

What if there is tension in the family over the money? What if the family doesn't even know about the money? How will you make this money advance all the goals that you have dreamed of? Will it provide you with income for your lifetime? What about other considerations?

At Norumbega Financial we have had the privilege of being trusted with the hearts and dreams of clients and can help you think through your priorities. There is no need to rush through your decisions and we will allow you the time you need to consider what is right for you.
Our desire, or goal, is to do what we can to help you achieve your dream. We are here to help.

Couples getting started

At Norumbega Financial, family is important. The board behind the desk is full, and regularly updated, with the pictures of clients, my kids and grandkids as well as yours and all manner of pets.

We�ve done a bit of matchmaking and attended quite a few weddings. Even if we didn't attend your wedding, we can help you get your financial house in order before, or after, your nuptials.

New babies

The office bulletin board also has featured a few sonograms of our yet-to-be-born little friends. Opening a college savings account for grandparents or parents is a wonderful part of being a family's trusted financial advisor.

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